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    Terry Farley

    19 May, 2021|Well, you know, clubbing, once a week, a couple of residents. They play most of the night, you have one guest who plays for a couple of hours, rather than a big event that happened once a month with 30 DJs. Because I do think if you're, if you're in your early 20s now, you've grown up with the culture being these big events. All your going out money goes on one event. And I think promoters promote like this now. When the Euro lottery comes on, my missus and I talk about what we'd do with 60 million. I would buy Plastic People and I'd open it up five days a week. I'd let people in for free and get people in playing every night. We need more clubs to open as opposed to big venues. I like going into a place where I know people and they can go 'oh will you play that record you played last week.' When you play on these circuits playing all around the world, you're going in dry every week. It's cold every week. They know who you are and they know the music but there isn't that, 'you need to play that one again this week' - that rapport you get if you play monthly or even every six weeks.|

    So I guess the work aspect of your job then is making sure that you are in tune with what is hot now, or will be hot tomorrow?

    No, no, no, because I think the worst thing to do is to try and stay up with the trends, right? Because it’s just, you know, people don’t want to come and see me play like, the latest Hot Creations record. I might play one, they sound fantastic next to a Morales dub from ’92, or a pitched down techno record coming out of Detroit a month ago. It’s a little collage you have to make of the old and the new.

    When you used to go to Ibiza in the summer, Alfredo would kind of play the same records every night. And by the end of the summer, and this is pretty much true if you’d gone to the Ministry of Sound in 92, you’d have heard the same records over the summer. So I try and do that – have a core of records that I play at every gig and try and arrange other stuff around them depending on where I am. By the end of the six months or whatever you can have these records that started off as a kind of unknown classic that people are really getting into.


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