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    Femme Culture

    24 June, 2021|There's a lot of talk about what representation means and how we can diversify and make the music industry a lot fairer and more equal, but some of the major festivals are still booking an almost all male, all white line up. There’s so many, so many fantastic musicians, DJs producers out there who really deserve to be top of those lists, and until that's a bit more equalised, our job isn't done. Equal representation was the genesis point for us, but it would be short-sighted to say that we've moved past that, because the industry hasn't.|

    Alex and Emma are two thirds of the game-changing independent record label and collective femme culture. With their event series and roster of releases, femme culture has been an important grassroots way of carving out space for marginalised people in dance music. We speak to them around the release of Emma’s latest EP ‘Euphoric Melodies’ under her alias Elkka.


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